Have been away – loved the time away. 

Felt like I have learnt more about myself

Have done more walking around – need to get more comfortable shoes I can walk for hours in for the next holiday though! 

Have learnt to live for the moment and if there was something I want/wanted to achieve I did it and didn’t let the opportunity slip by

I have learnt that I am judged – I am overweight but I’m happy and in control. I have things I want to achieve and being more active is one of them – notice how I’m saying I want to be more fit/healthy and not some skin and bones! I’m me – don’t like me – I don’t care. 

I still hate goodbyes – still upsetting – more now that I don’t have that much family left!

I don’t like returning to a cold house/no one home – I didn’t think I’d mind but I felt numb, Maybe be different when I’m in new surroundings

Need to upgrade my pc soon. 

That’s all for now, need my bed, do more of this Starfishing malarky XD

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