2014 so far

Not impressed.

Lots keeping me busy.

Christmas and new year was better than expected.

Feel like the world is on my shoulders.

Uni work is keeping me out of mischief 90% of the time. Lots of paper working. Enjoying learning again and majority of the people.

The subjects are dire. But like most things in my life I have to deal with the bad stuff and the good times are yet to come.

Planning adventures and happy times are keeping my mind active.

Have some nagging things on my mind which are out of my control but do need to be addressed one day or another.

Today has been good. Tonight I’ve done a bit of thinking. Feeling a little sad but not to get me upset. No tears.

I must always be positive. I am strong and can deal with anything. The knocks in my life have proven that and in still young.

What I would give for a hug and the words “everything will be alright” from my mum and/or dad would be amazing. However I know and at the moment can’t come to grips with will never happen 😥

The above will not suffice from anyone else.

I just want to be happy and stress free. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Now I’m setting and planning on chasing dreams as I need happy times always.

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