Spring has sprung!

or well, it is in my eyes!!

I’m feeling great – considering 

Things going smoothly

Bought a new pair of jeans on Thursday .. this is now 4 jeans sizes since August – no dieting as such just living as healthily and being as active as I can. Yes dog sitting is getting me out walking more but i need to start working on upper body now as no change their …. not enough hours in the day to do Zumba. 

Uni work is going well …. has some drama every week but I’m keeping my head down and achieving what’s needed. 

Was good today – said I would be going window shopping and that’s what I did. Will be purchasing some new wardrobe clothes this week. In fact – a outfit involving a dress!! 

That’s new territory for me I don’t do dresses!! 

I’m a jeans and tee kind of girl but yeah – this drop in weight and jeans sizes is changing me!! 

Have some web designing to be done and still finish my website – buying more hours in the day please, alongside uni work too

consider yourself updated! 


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