Not enough hours in the day

For what I want to do

  • to create
  • to achieve
  • to design
  • to complete uni work

Maybe next week I can work on finishing my website that I started in August last year.

Still some coding to do but the design is done.

Uni keeping me out of mischief. Teaching is fun. Constantly learning more about myself. Ict is just theory work. No fun stuff thus far. Ugh.

Busy times.


Feel really ill today, cant get a doctors appointment need to ring tomorrow morning early doors, coughing like a 40 a day smoker making me feel run down.

Feels like i have just about smashed my first Teaching Uni Assignment just a few more edits and referencing to do I believe. that’s a weight off my shoulders!

Still can’t enrol because of communication to/from the loan company hopefully I can get it sorted soon.

Get to dog sit with a bundle of trouble for a week should be good fun, something to keep me on my toes!

Plan to add a project to my portfolio today, I’m feeling creative but my head may let me down, only time will tell!

Enough ranting for now – time to design 🙂

I’m a student again!!!

Loved this mornings session, amongst the nerves and unknown. This morning went well.

So I now am doing two courses and I’m loving this new challenge and chapter in my life,

what a few weeks change can do hey.

Big thanks to Cath for setting me up on this path of courses

Thanks to Zoe to putting up with my emotions

Bigger thanks to my gran for being my rock and always at the end of the telephone for a chat

Thanks to all my friends who I have leant on their shoulder when I needed a smile.

Blog Renewal and a washing machine spin of events

So it’s been a year since i started on this blogging journey and what a load of events have occurred, i didn’t plan any of it upto now however the next few months will make a big impact on my future and career.

So ….. I’m parentless, wasn’t expecting that to happen so soon, been a hard few weeks

moving to somewhere smaller is on the cards

have applied to a college course

planning trips away with great friends

have started to go to the gym and have kept it up so far and am noticing a difference fitter and baggier clothes!!

will be back working on my goals business wise soon!


New site in the making

new site previewHere’s a sneak peak, fully designed in Photoshop, no coding in site or design yet and I LOVE it, it’s going to be so much lighter than my current site as it’s too content heavy from what I can see and well I want a new more modern, simpler design! loving the purple and the weather the UK has at the moment, I have tan lines and not left town, good times or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!