Not enough hours in the day

For what I want to do

  • to create
  • to achieve
  • to design
  • to complete uni work

Maybe next week I can work on finishing my website that I started in August last year.

Still some coding to do but the design is done.

Uni keeping me out of mischief. Teaching is fun. Constantly learning more about myself. Ict is just theory work. No fun stuff thus far. Ugh.

Busy times.

New site in the making

new site previewHere’s a sneak peak, fully designed in Photoshop, no coding in site or design yet and I LOVE it, it’s going to be so much lighter than my current site as it’s too content heavy from what I can see and well I want a new more modern, simpler design! loving the purple and the weather the UK has at the moment, I have tan lines and not left town, good times or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mission 2013 update

back on NYE 2012 I posted this entry (click)

well were past the half way mark of the year and this is how i am getting on:

  1. Get inked – my dad tattoo I designed.
  2. Make a Hackintosh
  3. Work on a interactive portfolio
  4. go cycling (and not just at the gym)
  5. Socialise more.
  6. Display my creativeness throughout the house.
  7. Renew/have a usable passport
  8. Meet some on-line friends
  9. Start work on my first HAED Jinglenell Jiggle
  10. Be more crafty and generally dabble in my hobbies (reading/stitching etc)

thought i would have had more done by now but real life calls and i have had to put a lot of stuff on hold, however i have been working within my career aspects and my portfolio should be revamped soon!!

Watch this space!!


Well needed update

Seems I need to update this more, changed some Facebook settings tonight, opened Photoshop to create my own thing.

I am still up and running just had a load of work on and I plan to update my folio and social networking sites in the process, for now follow @KRH1Designs on Twitter, that’s where you will hear all my latest new first 

Let’s hope this next few weeks weather forecast is right as I have some great locations to ‘shoot and ideas up my sleeve 

Watch this space!!!


Is it the weekend yet?

Disrupted sleep is never good, but other than that it’s been a pretty awesome day!

Networking and listening to music on the radio and adding albums to my never-ending (at the moment) wish list! So many being released in the next few weeks, do i iTunes them or pre-order and buy off of decisions decisions!

I think the tattoo design i designed yesterday will look perfect on my left inner arm, which i will look into further getting after a few sessions at the gym and my arms are toned! I think he will approve, after-all it has taken me 7 years to decide on “the perfect tattoo”

I have so many plans and things i want to do both business and personal wise which i am slowly working on, including, socializing and catching up with people, this is a must because well i have been otherwise engaged recently with things beyond my control!

I am also hoping to gather more interest on my Twitter and Facebook pages so be sure to befriend/follow me and I shall return the favour!

Here’s to more busy weeks in the making but good weeks!