I’m a student again!!!

Loved this mornings session, amongst the nerves and unknown. This morning went well.

So I now am doing two courses and I’m loving this new challenge and chapter in my life,

what a few weeks change can do hey.

Big thanks to Cath for setting me up on this path of courses

Thanks to Zoe to putting up with my emotions

Bigger thanks to my gran for being my rock and always at the end of the telephone for a chat

Thanks to all my friends who I have leant on their shoulder when I needed a smile.

Blog Renewal and a washing machine spin of events

So it’s been a year since i started on this blogging journey and what a load of events have occurred, i didn’t plan any of it upto now however the next few months will make a big impact on my future and career.

So ….. I’m parentless, wasn’t expecting that to happen so soon, been a hard few weeks

moving to somewhere smaller is on the cards

have applied to a college course

planning trips away with great friends

have started to go to the gym and have kept it up so far and am noticing a difference fitter and baggier clothes!!

will be back working on my goals business wise soon!


Mission 2013 update

back on NYE 2012 I posted this entry (click)

well were past the half way mark of the year and this is how i am getting on:

  1. Get inked – my dad tattoo I designed.
  2. Make a Hackintosh
  3. Work on a interactive portfolio
  4. go cycling (and not just at the gym)
  5. Socialise more.
  6. Display my creativeness throughout the house.
  7. Renew/have a usable passport
  8. Meet some on-line friends
  9. Start work on my first HAED Jinglenell Jiggle
  10. Be more crafty and generally dabble in my hobbies (reading/stitching etc)

thought i would have had more done by now but real life calls and i have had to put a lot of stuff on hold, however i have been working within my career aspects and my portfolio should be revamped soon!!

Watch this space!!


Learning Curve

Feeling much happier this week.

New Projects in the idea stages

Learning new Operating Systems and techniques

Spending too much money on geekiness

Realising they key people in my life

Learning more about myself everyday.

Finding out that people understand what i go through and I’m inspirational to them (y)