Pursuing the things I love

I love being #TechSupport.

I love helping people.

I enjoy passing on my skills to others.

I have built numerous computer systems for friends who always come to me to resolve technical difficulties. I thrive on the trust people give me in order to configure, fix. develop and adapt systems to meet individual needs and this is becoming a regular task which i love. Learning new technical tricks is constantly ongoing and changes because of the developments of technology and i’m always staying up-to date with technology news.

Computing and technology is a hobby and a everyday essential part of my life, I enjoy everything about computers. I know how to look after and protect myself and my computer components in order to defend myself against technology criminals. I understand the consequences and vulnerabilities on how to keep my data safe from prying eyes. I have skills for both good and malicious computer use however i will never perform malicious acts just defend myself against them.

I have been given an opportunity to collaborate with a local non-profit organisation in which they help young and vulnerable children. Their aim is to give them life skills – a second chance, to change their persona for the good and i can’t wait to make a difference to someones life 😀

Changes and Improvements to becoming a better person

It’s taken me 3 years to find myself after losing my mother to decide and plan my future, to see how my career develops after a non enthusiastic last year of college.

I’ve started networking, bagged a few interviews and relationships to generate work, to keep myself occupied, to give myself something positive to focus on.

Low mood swings and depression with minimal people to talk to, to understand me, to rely on. Has made me into the strong person I am today.

I do’t rely on anyone now. I’m independent, I do what I want when I want and if people wanna be with me and join me on my road to successes and achievements, bonus and if not well they will get left behind. It is my time to shine and that’s what I’m doing, no one can put me down or belittle me as I am the stronger person.

This changes and improvements are self driven so i am guaranteed to stay motivated and focused enough in order to succeed!

I am thankful for what little family I have to support me but it’s the friends that support me that’s needed to give me strength to succeed and step up to become the person I want to be.

Negative people have held me back and I can see this now after I want change but I’m not going to let negatives hold me back from my wishes, dreams and aspirations!

Feeling Lost

Had a roller-coaster of a week, busy days and not so busy days

Uni has got me started assignment writing – think I’m on the right road and in the right direction, need my 24+ loan info to come through so I can enrol onto both courses and make use of the library facilities; read up on books I need to read through-out this course!

Miss my best est friend, ages away till she returns from vacation feels a lot longer than it is, least she is having a relaxing fantastic time without me – ugh I hate her! no I don’t I love her to pieces!! ❤

Flu/Cold is still around, not as bad as I have been feeling

Made no plans for the weekend – Just going to chill and sleep less I get any invitations to go anywhere

Part time job hunting getting tedious – need my own transport soonish – anyone want to hire me?

Still trying to sort my bike for a better one to start getting out and about on adventures and staying active/healthy!!

Thursday Uni – not really much to say on this other than i was told to go home after 20 minutes – couldn’t do anything as cant enrol etc etc!!

Friday Uni is good  – short session but met some lovely people all from different backgrounds and want different things to happen on completion of this course!!

Get to dog sit soon, looking forward to these four legged adventures.

Looking forward to my short break in a few weeks time!

Supposed to be getting a heat wave this next week then Snow within the month – will the forecasts be right? only time will tell!!

I’m a student again!!!

Loved this mornings session, amongst the nerves and unknown. This morning went well.

So I now am doing two courses and I’m loving this new challenge and chapter in my life,

what a few weeks change can do hey.

Big thanks to Cath for setting me up on this path of courses

Thanks to Zoe to putting up with my emotions

Bigger thanks to my gran for being my rock and always at the end of the telephone for a chat

Thanks to all my friends who I have leant on their shoulder when I needed a smile.

New site in the making

new site previewHere’s a sneak peak, fully designed in Photoshop, no coding in site or design yet and I LOVE it, it’s going to be so much lighter than my current site as it’s too content heavy from what I can see and well I want a new more modern, simpler design! loving the purple and the weather the UK has at the moment, I have tan lines and not left town, good times or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!