Feel really ill today, cant get a doctors appointment need to ring tomorrow morning early doors, coughing like a 40 a day smoker making me feel run down.

Feels like i have just about smashed my first Teaching Uni Assignment just a few more edits and referencing to do I believe. that’s a weight off my shoulders!

Still can’t enrol because of communication to/from the loan company hopefully I can get it sorted soon.

Get to dog sit with a bundle of trouble for a week should be good fun, something to keep me on my toes!

Plan to add a project to my portfolio today, I’m feeling creative but my head may let me down, only time will tell!

Enough ranting for now – time to design 🙂

New site in the making

new site previewHere’s a sneak peak, fully designed in Photoshop, no coding in site or design yet and I LOVE it, it’s going to be so much lighter than my current site as it’s too content heavy from what I can see and well I want a new more modern, simpler design! loving the purple and the weather the UK has at the moment, I have tan lines and not left town, good times or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well needed update

Seems I need to update this more, changed some Facebook settings tonight, opened Photoshop to create my own thing.

I am still up and running just had a load of work on and I plan to update my folio and social networking sites in the process, for now follow @KRH1Designs on Twitter, that’s where you will hear all my latest new first 

Let’s hope this next few weeks weather forecast is right as I have some great locations to ‘shoot and ideas up my sleeve 

Watch this space!!!


Is your living room looking dull? #doncasterisgreat

Are your family photos on the wall out dated? Dull or not capturing that special moment.

Well why not book your home or outdoor photoshoot with me and I can guarantee brilliant shots that will brighten up your walls on prints or canvas.

All photo’s can be printed as regular photographs or as canvases.

Photograph sizes range from 6 x 4 to poster prints of 40 x 30

Canvases start at 10 x 10 and go up to 60 x 60

All sizes are in inches

All prices vary depending on whet your after so contact me for a quote @ info[at]krh1.co.uk

Canvases are great gifts!