Wake up call

So I’m still not feeling 100%.

The doctors told me to just rest and take paracetamol often.

I skipped college on the Thursday. Attended uni on the Friday to find out I had not completed my assignment I thought I had. Had to double my word count exaggerate a lot and research way more than anticipated.

What’s this thing the doctor mentioned rest? I’m in the dark with this one!!

Few things on my mind. Getting pissed off lately. Won’t elaborate too much but communication both with friends and college is lacking and not on my part!!

Been working on the assignment all day. I’m tired. I’m feeling pissed off so I’m calling it a night /sleeptime

See you on the flip side!


Feel really ill today, cant get a doctors appointment need to ring tomorrow morning early doors, coughing like a 40 a day smoker making me feel run down.

Feels like i have just about smashed my first Teaching Uni Assignment just a few more edits and referencing to do I believe. that’s a weight off my shoulders!

Still can’t enrol because of communication to/from the loan company hopefully I can get it sorted soon.

Get to dog sit with a bundle of trouble for a week should be good fun, something to keep me on my toes!

Plan to add a project to my portfolio today, I’m feeling creative but my head may let me down, only time will tell!

Enough ranting for now – time to design πŸ™‚

Feeling Lost

Had a roller-coaster of a week, busy days and not so busy days

Uni has got me started assignment writing – think I’m on the right road and in the right direction, need my 24+ loan info to come through so I can enrol onto both courses and make use of the library facilities; read up on books I need to read through-out this course!

Miss my best est friend, ages away till she returns from vacation feels a lot longer than it is, least she is having a relaxing fantastic time without me – ugh I hate her! no I don’t I love her to pieces!! ❀

Flu/Cold is still around, not as bad as I have been feeling

Made no plans for the weekend – Just going to chill and sleep less I get any invitations to go anywhere

Part time job hunting getting tedious – need my own transport soonish – anyone want to hire me?

Still trying to sort my bike for a better one to start getting out and about on adventures and staying active/healthy!!

Thursday Uni – not really much to say on this other than i was told to go home after 20 minutes – couldn’t do anything as cant enrol etc etc!!

Friday Uni is good Β – short session but met some lovely people all from different backgrounds and want different things to happen on completion of this course!!

Get to dog sit soon, looking forward to these four legged adventures.

Looking forward to my short break in a few weeks time!

Supposed to be getting a heat wave this next week then Snow within the month – will the forecasts be right? only time will tell!!


Can’t sleep.

Went for a nap around tea time (4pm) n woke up at 9pm. N now I can’t sleep.

Yawning my head off just not falling asleep.

Guess that’s because I have 1001 things on my mind. Stressing stuff but I don’t feel stressed.

Something’s running me down though as I’m feeling full of cold and sore throat like. Beechams not working its magic yet.

I need plans. Stuff to look forward to in the next few days. Something positive.

Seeing my cousin from Australia this week should be a highlight of the week.

Lots of stuff to eBay tomorrow. New furniture funds needed πŸ™‚

Monday Mornings

I generally don’t do them however I had to make an exception today, need workmen in yet when organising this it’s like setting up a full swing army manoeuvre!! needless to say the job that needs doing is still at a standstill till outside contractors make a visit ugh!!

Coffee is keeping me awake today, had around 4 hours sleep but I feel that was sufficient.

Means I can work on my folio’s and general jobs that need doing today.

Hectic schedule for today to be fair but I’m keeping things under control.

I feel a bit groggy – drinking Beechams and I plan to cook Mexican later today – yummy!!

Also plan to make some Beetroot Brownies (link) Their the perfect Autumn treat!!

Looking for furniture inspiration and a new bike today – lot’s of on-line window shopping to be done πŸ™‚

Time to let my creativeness fill the day πŸ˜€