Is it the weekend yet?

Disrupted sleep is never good, but other than that it’s been a pretty awesome day!

Networking and listening to music on the radio and adding albums to my never-ending (at the moment) wish list! So many being released in the next few weeks, do i iTunes them or pre-order and buy off of decisions decisions!

I think the tattoo design i designed yesterday will look perfect on my left inner arm, which i will look into further getting after a few sessions at the gym and my arms are toned! I think he will approve, after-all it has taken me 7 years to decide on “the perfect tattoo”

I have so many plans and things i want to do both business and personal wise which i am slowly working on, including, socializing and catching up with people, this is a must because well i have been otherwise engaged recently with things beyond my control!

I am also hoping to gather more interest on my Twitter and Facebook pages so be sure to befriend/follow me and I shall return the favour!

Here’s to more busy weeks in the making but good weeks!


Tattoo Inspiration

I had a parcel collection earlier and I noticed the courier had a tattoo on the inside of her left lover arm with the words “in loving memory of  (and then two names)

I loved the idea and I am now in the process of looking for the perfect font for my first ink!

This tattoo will be in memory of my dad!