Freelancing Tips

Sell basic templates at good prices.

Sell customised templates more expensive.

Have a few video tutorials on the site

Use “send article to friends” buttons on the majority of published articles.

Make Podcasts.

Ask questions on your website but hide the answers within your content. – interactivity!

Offer prizes and content to people who find the answers.

Offer a guarentee

Make a 404 page

Print out funny bookmarks.

Write press releases or keep a blog, or both.

For basic publicity write a short one page article on your site and submit it to local and national publications.

Have high resolution images available upon request.

Call clients up after the job is done about the service you provided, could you have improved something?

Keep training your Photoshop and Illustrator skills.

Offer free design reviews.

Search Engine Opimise your site!

Keep upto date with design software and trends.

When setting your prices, dont undersell yourself.

Books for future reading and reference:
Starting your career as a freelance illustrator or graphic designer – Michael Fleishman
The savvy designers guide to success – Jeff Fisher
The graphic design business book – Tad Crawford.