Have been away – loved the time away. 

Felt like I have learnt more about myself

Have done more walking around – need to get more comfortable shoes I can walk for hours in for the next holiday though! 

Have learnt to live for the moment and if there was something I want/wanted to achieve I did it and didn’t let the opportunity slip by

I have learnt that I am judged – I am overweight but I’m happy and in control. I have things I want to achieve and being more active is one of them – notice how I’m saying I want to be more fit/healthy and not some skin and bones! I’m me – don’t like me – I don’t care. 

I still hate goodbyes – still upsetting – more now that I don’t have that much family left!

I don’t like returning to a cold house/no one home – I didn’t think I’d mind but I felt numb, Maybe be different when I’m in new surroundings

Need to upgrade my pc soon. 

That’s all for now, need my bed, do more of this Starfishing malarky XD


Feel really ill today, cant get a doctors appointment need to ring tomorrow morning early doors, coughing like a 40 a day smoker making me feel run down.

Feels like i have just about smashed my first Teaching Uni Assignment just a few more edits and referencing to do I believe. that’s a weight off my shoulders!

Still can’t enrol because of communication to/from the loan company hopefully I can get it sorted soon.

Get to dog sit with a bundle of trouble for a week should be good fun, something to keep me on my toes!

Plan to add a project to my portfolio today, I’m feeling creative but my head may let me down, only time will tell!

Enough ranting for now – time to design 🙂

New site in the making

new site previewHere’s a sneak peak, fully designed in Photoshop, no coding in site or design yet and I LOVE it, it’s going to be so much lighter than my current site as it’s too content heavy from what I can see and well I want a new more modern, simpler design! loving the purple and the weather the UK has at the moment, I have tan lines and not left town, good times or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plenty of design work to do, wheres the decent weather gone in #doncasterisgreat

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